Monday, September 14, 2009

Things to update

-2nd month
-randalls guinea pigs
-Sick Sick
-leaving soon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Training's over and Im back

Okay, Trainings over and time to be blogging again.

Actually I just dont know where to start so please bare with me. I wont want to know the bads of the past 2 months but I sure love the goodies of it.


Ive learnt alot from the kitchen crew and chefs in Elcerdo, ive experienced the busy hours of a restaurant that has one of the biggest crowd ever in KL summing up to 300-350 pax ala carte on weekends.

Its all work till you drop, the orders drag across 3 or 4 clip holders, its hell, but there's still no problems in sending out the dishes quick enough.

There are alot of different things to see, alot of items ive never come across, alot of dishes and cooking styles ive never knew about so even though it was just a short period of 2 months, it was more than worth it.


Even though we just saw each other in the whole 2 months for just 3 times? I feel that it somehow brought us closer in a way, and it did teach us how to appreciate our relationship more.

I think throughout the 2 months, we struggled at the start, but it only went easier along the way, and lastly, trainings over and we are back united with each other ^^, even though she's in Seremban, at least its only 1 hour not 4 hours =p.

Id say we grew stronger by the day even though being apart, and those 3 times, are worth the equal lenght of 2 months of being not seperated.


I think ive manage to pull myself back together fully, even though I already did few months ago, but Im sure that this is what I want, I know what I want to achieve, I know what Im heading for now, and Im preparing myself for it.

Im glad that everything worked out pretty well, and hope for the best in the coming times =D

Pictures to come soon

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Of love, time, gifts, meals, night out,

and our special moment.

Love you baby.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Quote of the day :

I am not as fragile as I may look.

I know ive been away for a pretty long while, but that's mainly because of training and my unflexible working hours =p.

Plus all I want to do when I come home is just bath, eat, chat, sleep, and the routine goes on and on, reaching the 3rd week now.

However, I promise I will update this Sunday. Stay tuned =).

Sunday, June 28, 2009


The day both of us will remember for as long as we live.

Pictures speak a thousand words no?

Melaka Part 2

Unsatisfied with our first Melaka trip during the term, we ventured to the land of historical interests once again and this time a 2 day1 night trip.

Stayed over at Seng Meng's house during the trip and credits goes to his parents for allowing 4 of us to bunk in, also thanks to the everlasting supply of food which we couldnt finish @@, but it was really good seriously. Thanks alot! =D

So starting off, originally the plan was only for 1 car to go, which comprises of randall, ti meng, lin and myself, but seen cheow and co decided to come along last minute, which also made us late by few hours. *hint hint*

We were supposed to leave at 10, but ended up leaving at 12 which caused a slight but harmless delay, after all, a few hours really doesnt make a difference if ur staying the night.

Macho Policeman with Gui Gui =/

The trip took around 1 hour plus, because we had to stop for a while to let Randall's car to cool down. He exceeded the speed limit of the car itself which is set at 163 by going 180. Awesome speed, but didnt manage to keep it up until we reached our destination hahaha..

Reached Melaka around 2 If im not mistaken, having some delays stated above. First stop, chicken rice ball round 2! This time it was actually nicer, maybe because it was after the lunch rush hour already.

Same shop, Same dish, Different taste.

After eating, durian cendol, but didnt eat at this hour, didnt have the appetite for it. Others ate it though.

After cendol, headed to seng meng's house to pick him up, and headed to his family farm to pick fruits. wo0t.

Randall plucking rambutan @@

Enjoying the fruits of labour

After that, went to another farm, got bitten by freaking alot of mozzies, came back with a basket of fruits and went back to freshen up before having dinner. By that time it was already close to 6 or 7.

Satay celup for dinner, though being my first time eating it, I didnt kinda find anything special about it, maybe its just me.

But the Q for it was freaking long and the restaurant was filled with people. Fortunately, we managed to get a table within minutes

The long Q

The array of satay

Dip in!

PiPi, Seen Cheow, Eugene, Meng

Dear, myself

Seng Meng, Randall

Basically that sums up dinner, sort of, later on went to more food around the end of Jonker Street, Seen Cheow was still hungry. soooo...noodles for him.

Kao Kao big eater @@

Went back home a while to grab some durian, and went out to find accomodation for Dai Lou and all, and managed to find a decent place at only rm90/ night. Took some beers from Seng Meng's house, spent the night chor dai di-ing and abit of booze. Went back around 1 + and sleep!

Next morning woke up at 11 left around 12, jonker street time. Had brunch at history cafe, or what was it called.

The food was pretty nice, kinda liked it. Went for cendol, yet AGAIN. Cant remember how many times edi.

But this time, we became small kids for a while by playing with the thingy.

Once everyone had their share of cendol, left the place, dai lou and co went back, and we proceeded to watch transformers at 4.15

Wo0t Awesome show, a must watch.

Okay I lazy edi. Went back Seng Meng's house for vegetarian yee sang, damn nice. thanks auntie!!

Greedy meng finishing it all.

Had Ikan bakar later on for dinner, but wasnt very good anyhow, just so-so. All Randall's fault, every good shop close when he comes with his car.

That sums up Melaka Trip~

Last but not least, ghey act in Melaka, sigh~

Kenot help wan ar this two.

All words post, Skip if you want to.

I know I have been lazy, hehehe..but anyhow Ill just slowly update you guys lar.

Term 4 has ended, and Ill be starting my training in Elcerdo soon enough. (which is tomoro actually)

Alot of things had been done during my 1 week holiday and today will be the last day. Its also the reason why Im lazy to update, because ive been going out like as though home isnt home anymore.

But it was all worth it, every single moment of it, all the effort and time, really paid off.

Ill start with a summary of term 4.

I started term 4 pretty reluctantly, knowing that I had a little problem getting myself up to be motivated again. I had personal problems and pretty much the main reason that blasted me down under for the first few weeks.

I started to gain back my momentum after a few weeks of emo-ing. I was pretty much down and a loner, but I started to join back the crowd with others after a while, and I thank you guys for giving me a chance, even though it may seem small or big to some, a chance is still a chance. I appreciate it alot.

Things changed alot for me. Ive learnt to be more dependant on myself, Ive manage to pick up from where I left my happiness, I managed to catch up and set my priorities on what needs to be done and what has to be chucked away. I realized that, regardless of the time, I knew I had to move on, I knew I had to make the initiative, or fail terribly in the coming weeks.

Throughout the busy days of term 4, Having 11 subjects and almost 20 assignments, it was hell, but we managed to pull it off and as well as having being able to prepare for exam considerably providing that it was all "ala minute" work. There were ups and downs here and there, but hey, that's the way life is, I guess I can do no other than to face the fact and continue with what is more important.

Things started to pick up its pace by mid term. It went haywire where alot of assignments were given to us and to be completed in such a short dateline, we managed, but we certainly went through shitty experiences and really really last minute work. Even up to 20 minutes before submission dateline. *Hint Hint* Ngap =p.

Putting that aside, term 4 was not only about studies, it was about having fun, going out for meals, going out for games, movies, Melaka, this that this that, I cant even recall on how many trips already, but it was fun and is probably because of that, it makes us who we are known as.

Coming to an end of the term, I realised that I finally found her. That one person who made my heart flutter again. That one person whom I am willing to put all my efforts into, that one person whom Id sacrifice my time for, that one person who puts a smile on my face everytime when Im with her and you know who you are =)

Sigh, Im missing you already.

Next : Melaka Trip.